Diagnostic Health Screening

• General Screening Test
• Anti-Aging Complete Blood Test
• Hormonal Profiling
• Circulating Tumour Cells
• Genomic Wellness test and others

Preventive & Integrative Healthcare

• Customized Diet Programme
• Health Detox Programme
• Optimizing Nutrient Therapy
• Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
• Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT)
• Complementary and Holistic Treatment for Cancers
• Our preventive, personalised and precision healthcare helps in the prevention and reversal of many chronic degenerative diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension, Autoimmune diseases, Cancers and others.

Antenatal and Gynaecological Services

• Pre Pregnancy Counselling
• Antenatal and Postpartum Care
• Adolescent Screening and Healthcare
• Infertility Solutions and others

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