Health Pillars

At Femcare Specialist Clinic we emphasize on every pillars of health that can collectively help in Healing and Longevity.

We offer clarity on the myths and pitfalls on many types of diets out there. We advocate a balanced, low carb diet with intermittent and regular water fasting. We also advise keto diet for special needs

The current diet (sugar, refined food, fast food), lifestyle and the widespread use of chemicals and pesticides have created deficiencies in most of us including children.

For simplicity we categorize the supplements and nutrients as basic for all of us and special for those who have special needs like diabetes, hypertension and etc. The special needs may differ based on the medical condition being treated.

This approach helps in the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases.

Hormones are critical messengers for our cellular function. Hormone deficiency precedes aging unlike the common belief that aging is caused by hormone deficiencies. As cell signaling molecules, they act as important fuel for health, strength and longevity. We offer bio-identical hormones as replacement to correct deficiencies. Avoid synthetic hormones at all costs.

We emphasize on exercises that will improve strength, muscle and bone mass, cardiovascular health and flexibility.  Muscle mass is one of the important determinants for longevity in both sexes.

Health and longevity will be seriously affected by chronic, conscious and subconscious stress. We offer guidance in stress management through exercise, meditation, controlled breathing and hormone balancing.

Acidic body is a perfect environment for all diseases and infections as well as cancers.
Cancers, Fungus, Bacteria and Viruses thrive in an acidic body. An acidic body also affects our immune system and the detoxification processes. We offer advise in reversing an acidic body and maintaining the alkaline milieu.

Good quality sleep is critical for health.
During deep sleep, the body has the ability to repair and rejuvenate itself by forming new and healthy cells, removing old and worn out cells, improving immune health and enhancing detoxification.
Duration and quality of sleep is affected as we age. We offer help to improve both the quality and quantity of sleep through diet, hormones and supplements.

Since 70% of our body is made up of water, the importance of drinking clean water cannot be overemphasized. A knowledge in the correct type of drinking water is critical to maintain optimum health.

Many of the chronic health complications are due to stress, anger, remorse and loss of love and compassion for others.
Anger, hatred, selfishness hinder our progress to live as better humans.
Poor social connectivity brings loneliness and despair.
We can help to guide you in your journey for self realization

Poor sexual health that includes erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and impotence is a common problem even among the young.
There are many reasons for this and a hormone imbalance contributes significantly. Understanding the role of testosterone and estrogen is critical to improve sexual health.
It is important to emphasize that poor sexual health can lead to other medical problems like Heart disease, Diabetes, Fractures, Prostate Cancer, Prolapse of the Uterus/Bladder etc.

We join the dots and make the connections to predict future diseases.