Frequently Asked Questions

There has never been any evidence that vitamins, minerals to amino acids etc given in required doses has killed anyone. Optimum health comes from optimizing what the body needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, hormones etc

Certainly not.
Healthy kidney function itself needs supplements. However anything in excess is not advisable. Please consult for the optimum dose of each supplement.

Generally there are no drug/supplement interaction however seek advise when you are taking drugs like blood thinners.

This is exactly why we should aim to prevent and reverse diseases by addressing the root causes with natural solutions. No drugs is without side effects and no drug addresses the underlying cause of a disease or help in healing the body. Very often you will end up taking more drugs to address the side effect of the drug itself.

It is a completely reversible medical condition provided the underlying cause is addressed. Other than a rare medical condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome almost always no one has excess stomach acid. Taking drugs to reduce stomach acid affects digestion, promote fungal overgrowth, creates vitamin B12 and Zinc deficiencies and others.

This is often due to fungal overgrowth (candidiasis). Candida is a master masquerader. It can cause problems in the gut such as bloating, gastritis and reflux. It can be present problems outside the gut like eczema, autoimmune diseases and a host of other medical problems like migraine hypertension diabetes and etc.

Yes, provided they are bioidentical hormones which means that these hormones are identical to what your body produces. Bio identical hormones are recognised as natural to the body. They are used by the body, metabolised, detoxified and excreted as self-made hormones. This means that if used in correct individualised doses , they are safe without cumulative toxicity. Synthetic hormones like contraceptive pills and HRT are dangerous.

Some hormones are natural while others are manufactured. As long as the hormones resemble the molecular structure of your self hormones they are labelled as bioidentical which means it is identical to those that exist to your body.

No, Decline in hormone levels precedes aging. Aging is a consequence of hormone deficiencies unlike what is commonly believed that hormone deficiencies are caused by aging. Bio identical hormones are safe for long term use.

They play a very significant role in age reversal, slowing down aging, optimum health and longevity.

A simple but a sensitive answer will be “Depends of how long you want to live with health, vitality and strength”.

Infections, allergies etc. are seen in humans while animals are free of these problems. The simple answer is that our human body has lost the ability to make Vitamin C unlike the animals. Children do not play outside to make Vitamin D. Food allergies especially from diary products, consumption of sugar keeps the children sick most days. Vitamin C and Vitamin D is absolutely essential for a robust immune system. Children with low thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) can be frequently sick as well. Consult to understand the root cause. Avoid symptoms based treatment with antibiotic, anti histamine and etc. as much as possible.