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We provide natural solutions for precise, preventive and personalised health care

About Femcare Specialist Clinic

At Femcare Specialist Clinic, we are committed to help those in need to improve the quality of life and to reach optimum health. Our expertise in Integrative Healthcare using holistic and natural approach by addressing all the pillars of health helps in extension of lifespan. Integrative healthcare also helps in the prevention and reversal of acute and chronic diseases. Our emphasis on the pillars of health include Diet Modification, Lifestyle Changes, Bio identical Hormones Balancing, Optimizing Nutrients through Supplementation, Stress Management, Sleep and others.

Providing Precise, Personalized and Preventive Health Care

At Femcare Specialist Clinic, we emphasize on every pillar of health that can collectively help in Healing and Longevity through Repair, Regeneration and Rejuvenation


Diagnostic Health Screening

Preventive & Integrative Healthcare

Antenatal and Gynaecological Services

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